The Way Home to Beauty

The way home to beauty

I’ve always loved beauty; however, it became a topic of special interest when I decided to honour the voice of my spirit.  At that time, I was considering a new direction vocation-wise and had no idea where to start.  But I knew my spirit was an accurate compass, so I prayed and promised to follow the guidance I received.

I wonder what it’s like for you when it comes to your spirit.  For me, honouring that voice was a new approach.  In the past, I had either minimized or ignored the murmurings of the still small voice.  My knowledge of its wisdom was largely gained from the consequences of not listening!

As I waited, I quieted myself and took time to savour life’s simple pleasures: great meals, friends, favourite movies, music, the stars, moon and silver-lined clouds.

When my spirit finally spoke, I could hardly believe what it said – dwell in beauty.  The words made my mind tingle.  There was an overwhelming sense of compassion, love and grace.  Just like that, my spirit pointed the way to unimagined possibilities.  It was in invitation I couldn’t refuse.

I had never thought of beauty as a space I could remain in.  Have you?  Beauty can seem fleeting and unpredictable.  However, the invitation to dwell in it suggested something concrete, enduring and dependable.  I was excited to occupy this seemingly improbable home.  Many of us naturally take refuge in beauty.  Why should we ever leave?  Beauty; with its power to sustain, harmonize and shelter, truly is our home.  Listen to your spirit – it will lead you there!

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